2016 Rockaway Walks

Free 10 week Fitness program

Every Saturday 8am- 9am

June 25, 2016

ends August 27th 2016

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Inc. 
Since 2004 501 (c) (3)

The objective of Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Inc. is to conduct evidence based research and identify behavior outcomes, specific risk factors on disease and conditions, injuries and improve the well-being and health related quality of life over one’s lifespan. The purpose of our study is to promote the need for health and fitness to determine new methods and strategies to stay mentally, physical and socially active and reduce health disparities. This is accomplished through literacy in health, nutrition and staying physically active. The short-term goal of our program is to facilitate physical activity to maintain and improve self worth and improve community health through partnering with community based and private organizations such as St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and Joseph Addabbo Health Center. Our long term goal is to align the programs with the American College of Sports Medicine and Healthy People2020 objectives for daily physical activity. In addition our programs will target more adolescents to promote lifelong learning in balancing health, fitness and nutrition. Learn more on how to become Ambassadors in Partnership with Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Inc. in Far Rockaway New York.

Best regards,

Steven C. McCartney

Steven C. McCartney IPO HSW MS

President Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Inc.

Co- Founder Rockaway Walks

Founder Rockaway Walks Fitness Column


Accomplishments of Our Organization...

“Rockaway Walks”-2014 will the 8th season of the 10 week free fitness program on the beach for     adolescents and parents. The “Rockaway Walks” is collaborative venture with Senator James Sanders Jr., Councilman Donovan Richards, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Joseph Addabbo Health Center,  NYC Parks and Recreation, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, York College, The WAVE newspaper, Stop N Shop and Modell’s Sporting Goods.

“Rockaway Walks Fitness Column” – For the past sixth years a bi-monthly health and fitness column is   published in The WAVE Newspaper.

  1. 1.•    Healthy  Lifestyle Changes, Inc. has received approval to conduct research at York College/CUNY on new walking protocol SYNCHRONIZE WALKING “low impact high intensity training” Aerobic / Fitness Walk Test moderate to intense program that help detect health risk factors related to Coronary Heart Disease while promoting adolescents (14-18) and adults health and fitness. The purpose of the research is to validate the reliability for a new protocol and monitor priority health risk factors. The study promotes the need for health and fitness to determine new methods and strategies to stay mentally, physically and socially active: while reducing health disparities in our communities. The equipment used in our study provides real time EKG reading remotely on subjects. This allows us to partner with the hospital to communicate any abnormalities as it relates to ones physiological response.

  2. 2.•     Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Inc. has exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights to “The Healthiest Gift In Town” Pro-Wrap Therapeutic Aid Hand and Foot Protector. Guaranteed for comfort, performance, and protection. Made in the U.S.A. since 1984.

  3. 3.•     World Congress Disability Expo 2006 & 2007. Arthritis _Up Close and Personal Intensive Self Care Workshop Review.pdf 4 hour tutorial. Philadelphia & Washington DC Convention Center.

  4. 4.•     New York International Independent Film & Video Festival 2006 Best Health Documentary Award for “Arthritis Up Close and Personal”

Purpose of Funding...

Reduce disparities and obesity

Outreach to communities of low income example

Promote self efficacy in staying physical activity in recreation and leisure (walking)

Primary Goal for Adolescents and adults

Improve bone health

Improve Cardio respiratory & muscular fitness

Decrease levels of body fat

Reduce symptoms of depression

Align research with Healthy People 2020 objectives

Develop personal goals for diet weight and physical activity

Establish expectation about being physical active

Conduct research that validates a reliable methods to promote recommendation according to AHA, Surgeon general, CDC, ACSM, for 30-60 min of moderate intense daily physical activity

Clarify confusion about 30, 60, 90 min physical activity (intensity of physical activity)

Clarify Fat vs. Muscle

Resistance training

Provide access to safe and well supervised program

Increase health education within our community

Publish data to promote new methods to walk and run programs

Measurable outcomes

  1. 1.•    Early detection

Target heart Rate zone

Physiological response from two different walking protocols (USING ECG)

Screen for health risk factors (ex. Hypertension from Blood pressure)

CDC YRBSS (Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey)

Longevity Quiz (Health Relate Quality of life survey)

Take body fat analysis

Estimated Energy Requirement

Measure Cardio respiratory Fitness

Correlate analysis of Data

Reflection by subject

Our Constituency...

The Rockaway’s is a densely populated, culturally and economically diverse, and medically underserved community. From the 2006 Take Care New York (TCNY) report, listed below is a snapshot of the Rockaway’s community composition:


>40% Black  >37% White  >18% Hispanic  >2% Asian  >3% Other

¬Poverty: 22% of the residents are living below the poverty level is higher than in Queens overall 15%

¬Education: More than 4 in10 residents aged 25 and older have completed some college education

¬Health Insurance: Nearly 1 in 4 is uninsured or went without health insurance.

¬Foreign-born: 24% of the residents were born outside of the U.S.

¬Obesity: More than 1 in 4 are obese

Overweight and obesity have direct correlations between cultural factors, ethnicity and low socioeconomic status.  In the Rockaway’s 26% of the residents are obese than 19% in Queens and

20% in New York City overall. From the TCNY report the following medical complications in the Rockaway’s that arise with obesity:

¬Diabetes:  Nearly 1 in 10 has diabetes.

¬Recreational Exercise:  More than 4 in 10 (44%) report not doing any physical activity.  About one third (37%) report exercising at least 3 days a week.

¬High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol:  In the Rockaway’s, 33% have high blood pressure higher than 26% in Queens and NYC overall and 25% have high cholesterol similar to 26% in Queens and NYC overall.

Learn more on how to become Ambassadors in Partnership with Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Inc. in Far Rockaway New York.